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Casual daily life is colored apart from a subject of group activities here, but the site it can permeate as one is attachmented. Establishment for the 17th year is met in fiscal year 2015, but Meiji Gakuin University parfait club would like to increase a chance related to an active subject and expand an active circle between the formers club as well as the members.



The Meiji Gakuin University parfait workshop which has been begun by the concept that I travel to eat sweets. I go on a trip to a long vacation and am doing parfait sale by a school festival of Meiji Gakuin University (Shirokane festival). Ski snowboard tennis soccer can also enjoy a sport and a liberal art type campaign! Job-hunting advice can also be heard and, a connection after graduation is also securely! The person who can't drink liquor is OK in parfait Institute, too! Everyone speak by all means, please!


ほかにも在学生の方でもオフィシャルのサイトがあるとか、パフェ研究会の卒業生とのコミュニケーションを望む方がいれば、連絡を頂ければ本当に本当に嬉しいです。サイトのリンクも連絡をもらえれば必ずリンクしますし、知らない人を連絡なしにこちらから勝手にリンクをすることはありません。(私のブログサイトGUCCI's DIARYもあります)

When besides even undergraduate's person also has an official site and you wish for communication with a graduate, we would be happy to receive the member's notification which will increase one after another now. When we can hear from you, a link of a site is also linked certainly. We welcome every kind of college student. I neither block something to come nor run after something to leave. (My blog site is also here.)



We welcome a club on a parfait network of an other university and relationship who additionally involved with a parfait. And, especially you will bound up with us as well as a club of Meiji Gakuin University sincerely.



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